Friday, 13 May 2011


Turns out, my parents bought a cheap tablet one time, and don't use it at all. I borrowed it and had a play around with it last night. This is what happens when I'm bored and just draw what springs to mind...


Probably not worth psychoanalysing..

[Quick edit] That thing in the hand of the bad self-draw was supposed to be hair straighteners, but, well, you can see what I thought it actually looked like...

Thursday, 28 April 2011

50 Day Challenge - Day 26 *Vwuuuuum* A Group of Random Factoids.

Bored. Haven't blogged in a while. A lot of these challenges are piffling and boring. So, here's four themes in a post. Four. Four themes. In one post. Damn the dangers, I'm doing it anyway!



#1 Favorite books

I mentioned this mostly under 'my favourite book', but just to illustrate things, here's a picture of a heap of my favourite books:


The bottom row is 30 (!) Discworld books. I think it is fair to say I somewhat like Terry Pratchett's works.

Above that lie (left to right):
Douglas Adams (Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy 5-part trilogy , two Dirk Gently novels, and the Salmon of Doubt - which is less of a favourite due to being both unfinished and severely unthreaded, kind of inevitable for an incomplete book).
Three Iain Banks books (I started on his stuff recently and it's so far pretty damn fantastic, currently still reading the purple one, 'Use of Weapons').
Vom Kriege (On War) by Carl von Clausewitz is sitting atop the three Banks books.
Four David Gemmel books (heroic fantasy hack'n'slash-not-really-high-literature-but-what-the-hell).
And finally, on the right at a slant, 'Day of the Triffids' by John Wyndham (who actually has a much longer name, according to wikipedia).

I would have included Lord of the Rings, but to be honest I think I really do prefer the movie version to the books, despite the heinous omission of the hobbit war in the films. And to be honest I should probably have thrown the 6th Edition Skaven book in there too. It was no great work of literature, but I think the stuff in it really was simply fantastic for drawing one into the background of Skaven. Great literature rarely has 20-foot mutant warbeasts with swords through their throats pounding century-old immortals into a fine mist with little other than their massive claws. And I feel great literature is probably a lot less fun because of that.

#2 A talent of yours

I don't have a talent I can readily elaborate on, so instead I will throw out my 'talents';

I can walk/bike a long way quite speedily (point proved this week, travelling 26.41 miles in 25 hours - at least 10 of which I was asleep for. 4.2 miles of that was on a bike, in half an hour, with a loaded bergen.)
I can ride a horse in a very basic fashion.
I retain a quantity of my Soo Bahk derived fitness (and with it can both kick and punch through a fence panel.)
I can hit a christmas pudding sized target shooting barebow from 30 feet away.

... Well this task makes me sound rather useless, really. And makes me sound far more brick-like adventure-type than I am. I can do maths and Englishes and sciences and that, and can kind of paint miniatures, and I think people think I'm a pretty decent Paranoia GM when I'm not failing utterly at updating.

But, yeah, that was a dull theme and kind of depressing! Moving on!

Wait, no, I'll just pause here to insinuate I have other, more personal 'talents', and wiggle my eyebrows suggestively at my readership.

Ok, now we can move on!

#3 Favourite places to shop

How can I tell this challenge was written by someone Not Of My Kind. I guess the closest places I have to answer this are my favoured clothes emporiums, but, of course, there's only really one, because they're owned by the same people. And I don't live near them any more, either. And also most of their ranges don't interest me. You know what, this is a terrible theme.

If a shop sells shirts with nice gothic designs, and fancy metal trousers, I like it, basically.


#4 Provide the HEX code of your favorite color

I... You... I... Wh-... But...


I like the hex code D1D440. It gives a nice pale yellow, and happens to be the colour I use on the Underempire - having toned it down from fluorescent yellow a while ago, and in turn from orange before that.

This kind of thing is why I decided to put four themes in post. I mean, seriously? It's almost as if people don't want to spend all day putting together massive blog posts or something. Either way, this seems to be a good length, so now I might try and do something productive.

Ciao, dahlings.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Update? More like guffdate!

Nothing funny to say, little new to add. BUT! I'm getting out in the lovely spring weather for lovely long walks because, although being unemployed sucks, I might as well enjoy the freedoms that come with it.

And I found a pretty thing and I took a photo and it turns out that the photo is surprisingly good.

Look at the pretty.


Next blog post : Something people might care about!